Hello my Fellow Curious Human –

You did it! You picked up the acorn I cleverly tossed in your path. Like any squirrel, you can pick it up, roll it in your paws, give it a sniff and if it’s no use to you, toss it. But if you’re curious to hear about this and other behaviors in squirrels and curious to see how this experiment will evolve, I hope you’ll let me know what you’d like to hear about.

What you’ll find inside the Nutshell (I know, I know but after 40 years of studying squirrels, I feel I’ve earned one cute title…) will be a true miscellany of observations and ideas about behavior, mostly in squirrels, dogs and humans. But I’m starting this venture now because we have an exciting new result coming out next week (under embargo). And baby squirrel season is starting – FINALLY – after a year of pandemic shut-down, so there will be stories from our nascent Squirrel School.

I will also transcribe free-ranging conversations in Squirrel Talk – transcribed chats with all species of people (poets, philosophers, roboticists…), also Zoom recordings and live squirrel walks on the Berkeley campus. And since I also study the evolution of humans, expect to see some wild, squirrel-like leaps among concepts in animal behavior and ecology, evolution and cognition, thought and neuroscience.

If this acorn still sounds promising to you, please join me for our little party! I expect it will be monthly.



P.S. I will be assisted in this venture by a crack team of professional squirrel observers, canines Archie and Gilly, who will offer their expert opinions, as needed, on space, smells and squirrels..