Lucia Jacobs

Lucia Jacobs

Principal Investigator

LF Jacobs CV 2020

I trained originally in animal behavior (1978 B.S., Neurobiology & Behavior, Cornell), classical ethology (University of Vienna, 1976) and behavioral ecology (1983 M.A., 1987 Ph.D., Biology, Princeton). As a postdoc, I studied animal cognition, evolutionary anthropology and behavioral neuroscience with NATO, NSF and NIMH fellowships at the Universities of Toronto, Pittsburgh and Utah. I joined Berkeley as an Assistant Professor in 1993, where I am now a Professor in Psychology and the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.

Amber Engle

Amber Engle

Research Associate

Amber Engle, a Berkeley graduate in environmental sciences, was a critical CalSquirrels team member before graduating and working with California Fish and Game, becoming a certified wildlife rescuer and running the wildlife rescue program at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek, CA. Amber, now an expert in juvenile squirrel rescue, is now returning to us as a consultant on the Squirrel School project.

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Ian Strieter

Lab Assistant III

Mike Kaiser

Lab Assistant III

Odessa Goldberg

Research Volunteer

Frank Sulloway

Collaborator; Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, UC Berkeley

Eric Abelson

Collaborator; Research Scientist, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas, Austin

Alex Reben

Alex Reben

Visiting Scholar

Alexander Reben is an artist and roboticist who explores humanity through the lens of art and technology. Using “art as experiment” his work allows for the viewer to experience the future within metaphorical contexts. His work probes the inherently human nature of the artificial. Using tools such as artificial philosophy, synthetic psychology, perceptual manipulation and technological magic, he brings to light our inseparable evolutionary entanglement to invention which has unarguably shaped our way of being. This is done to not only help understand who we are, but to consider who we will become in our continued co-development with our artificial creations.He is a 2016-2017 WIRED innovation fellow, a Stochastic Labs Resident and has been a Visiting Scholar in our lab since 2014, where he has designed and built all of our body-mounted data loggers for search dogs and humans. Alex is represented by the Charlie James Gallery Los Angeles CA.

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Judy Jinn. Graduate Student, now Quantitative User Experience Researcher, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA LinkedIn profile

Mikel Delgado      Graduate Student, now Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Davis College of Veterinary Medicine.

Aaron Teixeira  Research Assistant, recently completed Masters in Psychology (dog cognition) at Texas Tech University

Amanda Robin     Undergraduate Honors Student, now Graduate Student and NSF Graduate Fellow in Ecology and Evolution, UCLA (

Michelle Ramey    Undergraduate Honors Student, now Graduate Student in Neuroscience, UC Davis

Zoe Burr  Research assistant and Lab Manager,  went on to Ph.D. in marine biology, now marine biologist at the Department of Arctic Biology, UNIS (University Centre in Svalbard, Norway)

Simon Campo  Undergraduate Honors Student, now applying for Ph.D. programs in

Allison Payne Undergraduate Honors Student,  now applying for Ph.D. programs

Aslan Brown  Research assistant, now beginning law school at UC Hastings

Anna Khazenzon Undergraduate Honors Student, now Graduate Student in Psychology, Stanford University

Patrick Slattery  Undergraduate Honors Student, now Senior Software Engineer, Uber

Anna Waismeyer  Graduate Student, now Research Scientist, HARMAN International (Microsoft)

Tania Bettis  Graduate Student, now Lecturer, UC Berkeley and Staff Teacher, Marin Academy

Xioqian Jenny Chai  Graduate Student, now Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University

Stephanie Preston  Graduate Student, now Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Pierre Lavenex  Postdoctoral Fellow, now Professor of Neuroscience, University of Lausanne

Cynthia Barkley  Graduate Student now Lecturer, California State University, East Bay

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