Lucia gives invited talk at iNav 2018, the 2nd meeting of the iNav conference.

From the iNav website:

“In 2016, researchers from a variety of disciplines surrounding the cognitive neuroscience of navigation met in the Austrian mountains to discuss new discoveries, important unsolved questions in the field, and the way forward. This meeting was well attended and highly oversubscribed. We are pleased to announce, therefore, the second iNAV meeting, to be held in June 2018 in Québec, Canada.

As before, the meeting aims to bring together a diverse group of scientists from backgrounds such as systems neuroscience, human cognitive (neuro)science, animal behavior, theoretical neurobiology and robotics. The format for the meeting will be similar to our last meeting where there will be about 60 speakers giving 20 min presentations. There will be opportunities for everyone attending to either present a talk or a poster. Please note that your students and post-docs are welcome to attend as well.”

Organized by

•  Dave Dickman, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston | USA

•  Kate JefferyUCL, London | UK

•  Mayank MehtaUCLA, Los Angeles | USA

•  Laure Rondi-ReigCNRS-UPMC, Paris | FRANCE

•  Jeffrey Taube, Dartmouth College, Hanover | USA

•  Thomas WolbersGerman Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, Magdeburg | GERMANY